Good day to our ENHC community!!

We have extended our ‘PAHPIYIWIHKWE (Smile) Project until the end of JULY as we have not reached out goal of $30,000. 

We have raised over $10,000 to date.

We are developing a new partnership with Dr. VanBerkel & associates and the U of A Faculty of dentistry in creating this Smile Project. It will allow us to provide dental care and oral Hygiene to our community.  Students will have a place to develop their skills in the area of dentistry. To help us reach this goal in the later part of Spring 2023 we need to raise $30,000 to renovate the three chair spaces, redo the ceiling and flooring, with left over monies to help cover the extra utilities costs, when the project is underway in the common area of the space we plan to use. After 3 years of working under the Covid restrictions we are excited to dream of this new opportunity. Thank you for your support of the PAHPIYIWIHKWE PROJECT and putting a smile on the faces of our community!

Thank you to all those who supported us so far we deeply appreciate you supporting our work and community!