Starting Wednesday, January 19, 2022 

We are happy to be going online live every Wednesday to answer emails and questions regarding Cree History & Spirituality.

We invite you to send your questions to us at: and I will be answering them on Wednesdays.

My name is Colleen Cardinal and I will be piloting this new project called ‘Around the KingFire’.

I was raised in Ceremony and traveled with my parents as a child to many different ceremony’s and was honored to meet the Elders I did. I have been an Elder’s Helper since I was a teenager and have passed through different rites of passage on my journey.

If you have any questions such as Protocol for how to address an Elder; or what is smudge; what is a Medicine Wheel; or even ‘How do I get a Name’. What you may be curious about i can assist you in finding your answer. 

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!