Today September 30th is Orange Shirt Day! A day of remembrance of a past that was harmful to thousands of residential school students. In spite of the terrible experiences for many students my Elders say we can still learn from and appreciate the smallest of good through the residential school journey. I am proud of our people for remembering the past, but also allowing our resiliency to move us forward to healthier life styles and stronger families and communities. I pray this prayer with you today!

Creator we come and give thanks for the unconditional love you have shown us your people, helping us to always love our selves and be thankful for the gifts you have blessed each one of us with.

Help us to have courage that allows us to have the mental and moral strength to listen to our hearts and to do what is morally right.

Send us your Wisdom so we can use the gifts of the Great Spirit to build peaceful and healthy families and community. Instruct us Creator on how to use our gifts so we can become strong people who help bring peace to the world.

Help us Creator to always let our first response to any situation be prayer. As we rise up to meet the day let us give thanks for the day and your light that brings truth and guidance to our journeys. Keep us praying so we can begin to see and hear your truth spoken to us by the grand-fathers and grand-mothers who sit in the four directions and our elders who walk among us today.

Create in us hearts that respect all life on mother earth, so that we might give of ourselves for the greater good of all life, Reminding us to respect all the elders from different races who uphold the sacred teachings fo you Creator.

Creator, we humans struggle with honesty in all of our relationships, so remind us to never gossip or lie about one another. But give us the strength to grow in our honesty towards all.

We pray for all these things in a spirit of humility so that we can consider our family our friends, neighbors, and our communities before we think of ourselves. Help us to remain humble surrendering to you Creator, the maker and director of all life. Hiy, Hiy