From the Directors chair,

Hello folks I am just writing a quick update note about this past year at ENHC. We started the year fundraising for our new roof and completed that work in June and so far our building is warmer overall having an insulated roof. Our partnership with Boyle McCauley health Centre in running the health clinic 3 days a week continues to be a strong and positive resource for our community. Our fitness studio has hosted many Zumba nights, buns and guns physical fitness training and yoga evenings. Our drop-in numbers to date are 9133 in total visits; we have served 2877 bowls of soup and bannock. As a food bank depot we have distributed 555 food hampers so far in 2019. We are getting ready to host another Counselling student for an 8 month practicum, so even more people will be able receive mental health support. If you like learning and cooking you should check out our collective kitchen program which provides economical and nutritious meals along with lots of laughter in the kitchen. On a sadder note we lost a good friend of ENHC this past week, her name was Joanne McDougal and she is already missed, the funeral is at 11 am on Friday Dec, 20th at Robertson –Wesley United Church.

I will leave you with a quick story from our mental health worker that just took place over the last few weeks.

“I would like to share a little about the recent journey of a client that is both heartening and speaks to an optimistic future as result, in part, due to being able to access free or low cost counselling at the Edmonton Native Healing Centre. After being incarcerated and serving her time my client was reluctant to go back home to her family as she did not wish to return to the old dysfunctional and toxic environment that resulted with her being in custody. Yet, she still knew that her grandchildren needed her and deserved to have her as part of their lives. My client worked very hard to overcome her fears and anxieties so that her strength could grow. She has made so much progress both with her counselling and the other requirements asked of her by parole officials that she is now excited to go home and take on her role as a healthy and supportive grandmother”.     

If you like what we are doing we would appreciate your financial support either in a one time donation or maybe you would consider a monthly donation. We rely on donations from the public to maintain and run our programs the Christian Reformed Church of Canada provides a generous grant that keeps the staff paid and the lights on.

Blessings of peace and joy to all of the Families and community members we are privileged to walk along side.