The ENHC has opened its renovated kitchen in January and we have been busy with our ‘Soup & Bannock’ Wednesdays, Tuesdays ‘Collective Kitchen’, Mondays ‘Sandwich Day’, and all other events hosted by the ENHC.

Since the reopening in January 2018, we have had 4,504 people come through our doors; averaging 47 people per day. Whether it is for hot soup Wednesdays, Foot-care on Mondays, Counselling throughout the week, or just dropping in for coffee and resources, we are here to provide to our community.

Also, since January we have also had 25 Soup & Bannock days where we served 1688 people; we averaged 68 people during those days.

Being a food bank depot our community can come and apply through our centre when needed. Since January we have had 379 people access the food bank.

Since the opening of the new Kitchen we have been busy helping and assisting our community with what they need, whether it is for accessing food, help with resumes, help with Treatment plans, Resources and information, applying for school, or just an ear to hear anything you would like to share.

Everyone is always Welcome to drop-in for a coffee and visit with us!